Red Belt


Name: Taekwon Tigers

Address: Postcode

Date of birth: 1/26, 2016

Mon & Dad’s Date of birth :

Training start date:

Instructors’ name:   HyeJin  Jung

Club (Dojang) address: Taekwon Tigers 2741 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto 94306

Club (Dojang) contact telephone No: 650-521-0678



What are the meanings of the belt colors? 

 Red : Reliable(trust worthy)

 What is your name of the form? 

 How many movements does it have? 


1. Q: What is spiritual strength?

    A: Spiritual strength in Taekwondo refers to the mental power and desire to achieve the goal, Sir!

2. Q: What are the three attach points when you punch or kick?

    A: High section (philtrum) – In-joong

        Middle section (solar plexus) – Myong Chi

        Low section (lower abdomen or groin) – Dahn-juhn or Nangsim

3. Q: What is Taekwon Kids Home Rule #7?

    A: Children shall fix the recipes for Straight A’s daily.

             1. Eat healthy foods. Never refuse to eat colorful vegetables.

             2. Open your books to review what you learned today

             3. Do your homework

             4. Preview what you will study tomorrow, Sir!

4. Q: Can you explain what makes power when punching or kicking?

    A: Power is made by weight and speed together with relaxation, concentration, and confidence, Sir!

5. Q: Why do we practice breathing control?

    A: To develop spiritual strength (Gi) and endurance. Sir! 

6. Q: Why are there different color belts?

    A: The increase in knowledge and ability is symbolized by the darkness of the colors in the belts as   one advances. Sir!

7. Q: What are the Korean names of the basic kicks?

    A:   Front Kick:  Ap-Chagi

Roundhouse Kick: Dollyo-Chagi
Side Kick: Yop-Chagi
Back kick: Dwit-Chagi
Hook kick: Hooryo-Chagi
Back spinning kick: Dwi-Dollyo-Chagi