About Us



Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and characteristics.

Through the discipline of mind, body and spirit, taekwondo will help students to explore and develop their strengths, challenge their weaknesses and build strength of character to overcome the challenges of life.

Beyond the physical skills of TKD, we also aim to develop the skills to be a solid contributing citizen and member of their communities. This means to be a good son or daughter, a good student and to provide support or leadership as circumstances dictate.

As the student progresses, he or she will have the chance to help teach younger students, assist with community events, and develop real world people skills.

Above all things, we strive to teach that power and responsibility go hand in hand. TKD will teach martial skills, confidence, self esteem and strength of character. But coupled with these, good citizenship, support and participation in community and compassionate leadership of peers are also expected.