Red Jr.(Red-black stripe)


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  • Date of birth: 
  • Mom & Dad’s Date of birth :
  • Training start date:
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  • Club (Dojang) address: Taekwon Tigers 2741 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto 94306
  • Club (Dojang) contact telephone No: 650-521-0678


Q: What is your name of the form?

A: Taegeuk 8 Jang

Q: How many movements does it have?

Q: What are the important points to remember when performing a Poomsae?


1. All stances must be accurate and consistent.

2. All Poomsae begin and end on the same spot.

3. Stances and the hand movement finish at the same time.

4. All kicks to be executed toward the head unless another target is defined.

5. Kicks must include: a chamber, full-extension, and retraction, and proper rotation of the body and supporting foot.

6. Both hands twist and pull together at the same time but in opposite directions.

7. Hands move toward the target in a straight line

8. Each block or punch must be delivered using the power of the waist.

9. Use accurate distance and explosive impact power, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is the five Hwarang code of conduct?


  1. Be loyal to your country
  2. Honor your parents.
  3. Be faithful to your friends.
  4. Never retreat from a challenge.
  5. Use good judgment before killing any living things. Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is the Taekwondo student oath?


  1. I shall observe the tenets of Taekwondo
  2. I shall respect seniors and instructors.
  3. I shall never misuse Taekwondo.
  4. I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.
  5. I will build a more peaceful world, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What are the Ten Commandments for Taekwondo?


  1.  Be loyal to our country
  2.  Be obedient to our parents
  3.  Be faithful to your spouse
  4.  Be on good terms with your brothers and sisters
  5.  Be loyal to your friends
  6.  Be respectful
  7.  Trust your elders
  8.  Say no to drugs
  9.  Stand up for what is right
  10. Always finish what you started, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What are the Taekwon Tigers’ Home Rules 1 through 7?

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule #1

Children shall greet their parents with “Hi Mom, Hi Dad,” when they enter the house, and tell parents, “Good-bye,” when they leave the house, Sir/Ma’am!

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule # 2

Children will always be respectful of their parents, teachers, and elders, family members at all times  Sir/Ma’am!

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule # 3

Children must maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.Sir/Ma’am!

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule # 4

Children will keep the household neat and clean, Sir/Ma’am!

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule # 5

Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily must help with household chores Sir/Ma’am!

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule # 6

Children will not interrupt adult conversations. Sir/Ma’am!

TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule #7

  • Children shall fix the recipes for Straight A’s daily.
  • Children must study and do their homework/open your books to review what you learned today, preview what you will study tomorrow.
  • Eat healthy foods. Never refuse to eat colorful vegetables. Sir/Ma’am!