Red Sr. (Poom)


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  • Club (Dojang) address: Taekwon Tigers 2741 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto 94306
  • Club (Dojang) contact telephone No: 650-521-0678


Q: What are the meanings of the belt colors?   

A: Black: Modesty(Humble)

Q: What is your name of the form?  

A: Taegeuk 7 ~ 8 Jang (Graduation level 3 : Taegeuk 1~8)

Q: How many movements does it have?

Q: What are the five points to remember when doing Poomsae(forms)?


1: Both hands twist together at the same time but in opposite directions.

2: Both hands pull together at the same time.

3: Your hands should move toward your target in a straight line.

4: Each block or punch should be delivered using the power of the waist.

5: Use accurate distance and explosive impact power, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: Why is it necessary to practice basics and form?

A: Basics and Forms build the solid foundation necessary for achieving coordination, agility, and skill. Performing these techniques also builds confidence and improves concentration, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is the Advance Student Code of Honor?


1: Respect for each other.

2: Be honest.

3: Be patient

4: Help each other.

5: Always stand by the weak.

6: Be loyal to yourself and to your family.

7: Obey and be loyal to your Master.

8: Be loyal to your Dojang, Sir/Ma’am

Q: What is the True student?


  1. Loyalty to the school & Instructor
  2. Good martial art attitude
  3. Student harmony
  4. Good attendance
  5. Clean technique