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  • Club (Dojang) address: Taekwon Tigers 2741 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto 94306
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Q: What are the meanings of the belt colors?

A: Blue: Composed(to be Calm)

Q: What is your name of the form?

A: Taegeuk 5 Jang

Q: How many movements does it have?

Q: Where did the philosophy of Taekwondo originally come from?

A: From the Hwarang code of conduct – the strict discipline upheld by the elite warriors of the Silla Dynasty of ancient Korea about 1500 years ago, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: In which Olympics did Taekwondo become an official sport?

A: At the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is a POOR student?

A: A poor student is lazy and simply expects results without hard work, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is a GOOD student?

A: A good student has the desire to learn and to achieve goals, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is an EXCELLENT student?

A: An EXCELLENT STUDENT always works hard, learns from mistakes, practices at home, and shows self-control at Dojang, school, and home, Sir/Ma’am!

FOR STUDENTS 9 AND OLDER (Study all questions from 1 – 12)

Q: How is a Poomsae performance graded?

A: A Poomsae performance is graded based on accuracy and presentation. Accuracy measures one’s ability to perform each movement as standardized by Kukkiwon. Presentation measures one’s mastery and expression, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is second nature and how does it apply to your training?

A: When a technique is practiced repeated over many years, and when it can be applied without thinking, it is considered second nature, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is a GOOD STUDENT?

A: A GOOD STUDENT has the desire to learn and to achieve goals, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What is the meaning of the Taeguk symbol of the Korean flag?

A: The harmony of the energy of the universe. The red half signifies the positive energy and the blue half signifies the negative energy, Sir/Ma’am!

Q: What are the Tenets of Tae Kwon Do?

A: Courtesy (Yae-Yi), Integrity (Yom-Chi), Perseverance (In-Nae), Self-Control (Geuk-ki), Indomitable spirit (Bool-Gul-Ui-Jung-Shin), Sir/Ma’am!

What is the TaeKwon Tigers’ home rule # 5?


TaeKwon Tigers Home Rule # 5

Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily must help with household chores Sir/Ma’am!

Q: How do you say “hook kick” in Korean?

A: Hooryo-Cha-Gi, Sir/Ma’am!