Name: Taekwon Tigers


Date of birth: 

Mom & Dad’s Date of birth :

Training start date:

Instructors’ name:  HyeJin  Jung

Club (Dojang) address: Taekwon Tigers 2741 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto 94306

Club (Dojang) contact telephone No: 650-521-0678


What are the meanings of the Green belt colors?

Green: Dignity (Self Respect) 

What is your name of the form?

A: Taegeuk 3 Jang                        

How many movements does it have?



What countries do Taekwondo, Karate, and Kung Fu come from?

A: Taekwondo is from Korea, Karate is from Japan, and Kung Fu is from China. Sir/Ma’am!

How do you say “bow to the flags” in Korean?

A: Gookki-eh-daehayo-kyong-ret, Sir/Ma’am!”

How do you say, “bow to the instructor” in Korean?

A: Sah-bum-nim-kkeh-kyong-ret, Sir/Ma’am!

What is the name of the Korean flag?

A: Tae-geukki, Sir/Ma’am!

What part of the foot do you use for the following kicks?

A: 1) Front Kick – Ball of foot or instep

2) Round House Kick – Ball of foot or instep

3) Side Kick – Heel and blade of the foot

4) Back kick – Heel

FOR STUDENTS 9 AND OLDER (study all above)

Why do you use control in free sparring?

A: To demonstrate mental discipline.

To show physical control of ourselves.

To build self-confidence, which indicates a strong mind, Sir/Ma’am!

What is TaeKwon Tigers’ home rule # 4?

A: Home Rule # 4

Children will keep the household neat and clean, Sir/Ma’am!

What is Student Mental Focus?

A: Three Rules of Concentration

  1. Focus with your eyes
  2. Focus with your mind
  3. Focus with your body Sir/Ma’am!

How do you say “back kick” in Korean?

A: Dwit-Cha-Gi