red belt


Name: Taekwon Tigers

Address: Postcode

Date of birth: 1/26, 2016

Mom & Dad’s Date of birth :

Training start date:

Instructors’ name:   HyeJin Jung

Club (Dojang) address: Taekwon Tigers 2741 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto 94306

Club (Dojang) contact telephone No: 650-521-0678


What are the meanings of the belt colors?

Red: Reliable(Trustworthy)

What is your name of the form? Taegeuk 6  Jang


How many movements does it have?



What is spiritual strength?

A: Spiritual strength in Taekwondo refers to the mental power and desire to achieve the goal, Sir/Ma’am!


What are the three attach points when you punch or kick?

  • High section (philtrum) – In-joong
  • Middle section (solar plexus) – Myong Chi
  • Low section (lower abdomen or groin) – Dahn-juhn or Nangsim, Sir/Ma’am!

What is TaeKwon TigersHome Rule #7?

   A: Home Rule #7

  • Children shall fix the recipes for Straight A’s daily.
  • Children must study and do their homework/open your books to review what you learned today, preview what you will study tomorrow.
  • Eat healthy foods. Never refuse to eat colorful vegetables. Sir/Ma’am!

Can you explain what makes power when punching or kicking?

A: Power is made by weight and speed together with relaxation, concentration, and confidence, Sir/Ma’am!


Why do we practice breathing control?

A: To develop spiritual strength (Gi) and endurance. Sir/Ma’am!


Why are there different color belts?

A: The increase in knowledge and ability is symbolized by the darkness of the colors in the belts as one advances. Sir/Ma’am!


What are the Korean names of the basic kicks?


  • Front Kick:  Ap-Chagi
  • Roundhouse Kick: Dollyo-Chagi
  • Side Kick: Yop-Chagi
  • Back kick: Dwit-Chagi
  • Hook kick: Hooryo-Chagi
  • Back spinning kick: Dwi-Dollyo-Chagi