Little Tigers Ages 4-6yrs

  • Children learn basic hand techniques such as punching and blocking, as well as basic kicks.
  • Children develop coordination, motor skills, balance and agility as well as increasing confidence.
  • Taekwondo increases focus and concentration, which can serve as a foundation for academics.
  • Discipline and good behavior are taught in a fun and safe environment.
  • Gets children into a regular exercise routine at a young age.
  • Fun social event, where children can interact with each other.
  • Children learn at their own pace and do not compete with each other.
  • Children learn how to follow directions and differentiate left and right.

Young Tigers Ages 7-12yrs

  • As children accomplish new goals, their confidence level increases.
  • They progress at their own pace and are not judged against others.
  • Taekwondo improves childrens’ poise, self-confidence and discipline that carries into home and school life.
  • Taekwondo, unlike many team sports popular today, challenges the entire body.
  • Taekwondo develops coordination and motor skills, balance, agility and poise on top of emphasizing good behavior and increasing attention span.
  • Taekwondo lessons are dynamic and challenging for children who are energetic, athletic, shy, bold, or maybe even a little wild.

Wild Tigers Teen/Adult

  • Practical and effective self-defense
  • Improved body flexibility and posture
  • Improved muscle coordination and balance
  • Improved mental and physical stamina
  • Figure and weight control
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and tension
  • Elevated consciousness toward a self-will to reduce bad habits such as smoking and drinking
  • A sense of personal accomplishment

Black Belt Club

BLACK BELT Club is designed for anyone who has the drive and desire to achieve a black belt in Taekwondo.